Research groups

Some research in UMERC is done in larger research groups. These groups are created when there are several people and several different projects or studies that are collected under a common research focus.

At the moment, the following research groups exist in UMERC.

Formative Assessment

A main purpose of the group's research is to contribute with research findings that can be used to improve classroom practice and student performance. Several research reviews show that the use of formative assessment in classroom practice is one of the educationally most effective ways of increasing student achievement.
More information about Formative Assessment

Learning by Imitative and Creative Reasoning (LICR)

The LICR research program addresses the persistent problem that ineffective rote learning by imitation dominates in mathematics classrooms. The purpose is to study if, how and under what conditions tasks and teaching designed to enhance students’ own reasoning may lead to more efficient learning.
More information about LICR

Language and Communication

The overarching purpose of the research conducted in this group is to increase our understanding of the role of language and communication for knowledge and learning in mathematics.More information about Language and Communication

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