The research within UMERC is conducted through many different projects, some that are tied to individual persons and some to larger groups of researchers. The research at UMERC can be called applied research, since it aims at directly or indirectly support the development of learning, teaching, text-books, tests, steering documents etc.

Besides different types of collaborations within UMERC, members of UMERC also have collaborations with researchers from:

  • Other research areas at Umeå University: Mathematics, Science Education, Neuroscience, and Psychology.
  • Other universities in Sweden: Gothenburg, Härnösand, Karlstad, Linköping, Uppsala, Västerås, Växjö, and Örebro.
  • Other contries: Australia, China, England, Finland, Germany, and USA.

Members of UMERC also have other types of cooperations that are not with researchers, see information about cooperation.

If you have an interest to collaborate with UMERC in any way, see information about contacting UMERC.

Research groups

Some research in UMERC is done in larger research groups. These groups are created when there are several people and several different projects or studies that are collected under a common research focus.Information about research groups


From the list of participants in UMERC you can find information about different individuals' research activities.
Information about participants in UMERC


From all research in UMERC, many publications ar produced in the form of journal articles, conference reports and other reports. These include both scientific publications and popular science.
Information about publications


All different projects within UMERC that are active or have been completed are described in the university research database.
Information about projects

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