Visit by Mike Askew

On January 30 - February 1, 2012, Mike Askew from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia visited Umeå Mathematics Education Research Centre (UMERC). During his visit, he participated in different seminars and worked together with members of UMERC.

Mike Askew has extensive experience as a teacher in primary school and in the work with teacher professional development. He is also well known for his research work in relation to both these areas, and he has written extensively both for teachers and the research community.

Program for seminars

Monday, January 30


"Researching practice and policy in primary mathematics"

This seminar will explore research that seeks to inform policy making, examine teachers’ responses to policy initiatives and attempts to understand that dialectic between these two. It will draw on a number of research projects ranging from evaluations of England’s national curriculum, through a study of effective teachers to a five-year longitudinal study of the mathematics teaching and learning in primary schools. The focus throughout this research has been to improve the learning of and attitudes towards mathematics and to examine this through researching policy initiatives linked to pedagogy and how these are mediated by teacher knowledge and beliefs.

Wednesday, February 1


"Teacher education and professional development in primary mathematics"

This meeting will focus around exploring issues in teacher education and professional development, particularly with respect to the development of competencies/proficiencies in mathematics. Sharing our perspectives on the challenges these raise in Sweden and Australia may help us develop our research agendas.

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