Symposium on Languages and Mathematics (SLaM), 13-14 June 2016

MATHEMATICS IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES: How do the linguistic features of different languages affect mathematics and mathematics education in those languages differently?

We would like to thank everybody involved in the SLaM symposium. The speakers' presentations can be found under abstracts and presentations.

The symposium addressed issues such as:

  • How is the relationship between language and mathematics seen from different theoretical perspectives?
  • How can we investigate issues of knowledge and learning of mathematics in different languages?
  • What do we know about issues of knowledge and learning of mathematics in different languages, and how can we combine results from different research fields in order to further increase this body of knowledge?

SLaM took a cooperative, comparative, and interdisciplinary approach, with invited speakers from a range of different research fields, including mathematics education, testing and measurement, linguistics, and psychology.

The symposium featured presentations from our invited speakers as well as open group discussions around analyses of data, such as mathematical texts and tasks written in different languages. We did not call for papers but welcomed and encouraged an active participation in the group discussions.

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Organizing committee

SLaM is organized by:

Dr. Ewa Bergqvist

Dr. Cris Edmonds-Wathen

Assoc. Prof. Magnus Österholm

from the Language and Communication Group at Umeå Mathematics Education Research Centre

Contact and registration


Moa Eirell, project assistant


The registration is now closed, but it might still be possible to attend. If you have such a request e-mail Moa Eirell.

To do and see in and around Umeå

SLaM will be held at Umeå University, close to the city center, nature and leisure facilities.