ProMath 2011

The aim of the ProMath group is to examine mathematical-didactical questions concerning problem solving in mathematics education. Since the meetings of ProMath started in 1998 as a Finnish-German group it has advanced to an international collaboration with an European focus.


Friday, September 2

12.30 Registration
14.00 Welcome: Johan Lithner and Tomas Bergqvist
14.15 Presentation: Erkki Pehkonen
"A comparative study on elementary teacher students’ understanding of division in Finland and Germany"
15.00 Presentation: Pirjo Turunen
"Improving Problem-Solving Skills in Comprehensive School"
15.45 Coffee
16.15 Presentation: Manya Sundström
"Using videocases to teach proof"
17.00 Presentation: Markus Hähkiöniemi & Henry Leppäaho
"Teachers’ levels of guiding students’ technology enhanced problem solving"

Saturday, September 3

9.00 Presentation: Sharada Gade
"The solving of problems and the problem of meaning - The case with grade eight adolescent students"
9.45 Presentation: Lars Burman
"About problem solving and assessment in upper-secondary school mathematics"
10.30 Coffee
11.00 Presentation: Henry Leppäaho & Markus Hähkiöniemi
"Teachers’ levels of guiding students’ technology enhanced problem solving"
11.45 Presentation: Tatjana Hodnik Čadež & Vida Manfreda Kolar
"Primary teacher students’ competences in inductive reasoning"
12.30 Lunch
13.45 Presentation: Benjamin Rott
"Models of the Problem Solving Process – a Discussion Referring to the Processes of Fifth Graders"
14.30 Presentation: Johan Lithner
"Imitative learning difficulties and creative learning possibilities"
15.15 Coffee
16.00 Excursion
19.00 Dinner

Sunday, September 4

9.00 Presentation: Svetlana Nordheimer
"Mathematical connections roundabout Pythagoras Tree"
9.45 Coffee
10.15 Presentation: Günter Graumann
"Investigating the Problem Field of Triangle Pyramids"
11.00 Presentation: Anu Laine
"Connection between teachers’ action and thirdgraders’
performances when solving an open non-standard problem
11.45 Closing session

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