Hans Wallin Lectures

Once a year, UMERC arranges the Hans Wallin Lectures, which consists of presentations from an internationally renowned researcher.

One purpose with this event is to create opportunities for communication and debate across different subject areas and other types of communities, such as different research groups, teacher educators, student teachers, and practitioners in schools.

In 2017, the Hans Wallin Lectures were organized for the fifth time. Candia Morgan visited Umeå during spring.

Previous and planned Hans Wallin Lectures

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#1 2012/13 Alan Schoenfeld Program
#2 2013/14 Anna Sfard Program
#3 2014/15 Susan Carey Program
#4 2015/16 Frank Lester and Diana Lambdin Program
#5 2016/17 Candia Morgan Program

Hans Wallin

Research in mathematics education at Umeå University was initiated in 1994 by Hans Wallin, Professor of mathematics. Therefore his name has been used for this yearly lecture series.

Hans Wallin has not only promoted mathematics education research in Umeå but has also been active nationally, in particular through a graduate school in mathematics education that started in 2001. His interest for school mathematics and popularization of mathematics is also evident, for example through his several publications of textbooks and his book The Invisible Mathematics.

Hans Wallin earned his PhD in mathematics at Uppsala University in 1962. Since 1996 he is a member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and nowadays he is a Professor Emeritus in mathematics at Umeå University.

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