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UMERC is an interdisciplinary network of researchers, research students and teachers from school and university, who are engaged in research and research education in connection to the UMERC research themes.

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Quality and Equity in the Era of National Testing : The case of Sweden


Utvärdering av Matematiklyftets resultat : slutrapport


Att lära sig resonera : Om elevers möjligheter att lära sig matematiska resonemang


Students only learn what they get the opportunity to learn. This means, for example, that students do not develop their reasoning- and problem solving competence unless teaching especially focuses on developing these competencies. Despite the fact that it has for the last 20 years been pointed out the need for a reform-oriented mathematics education, research still shows that in Sweden, as well as internationally, an over-emphasis are placed on rote learning and procedures, at the cost of promoting conceptual understanding. Mathematical understanding can be separated into procedural and con...

Students’ Reasoning in Mathematics Textbook Task Solving


To a large extent school mathematics consists of procedures to be memorized without understanding. Using procedures without understanding is one of the main causes behind the difficulties when learning mathematics. By developing mathematically founded reasoning, other mathematical competences are also developed; problem solving and conceptual understanding. The textbook is important in mathematical education. This study reports an analysis of students’ textbook task solving in Swedish upper secondary school were the relation between types of mathematical reasoning used and the success and f...

Mathematical Reasoning and Beliefs


We present a research project on students’ mathematical reasoning and how beliefs are indicated in their arguments. Preliminary results show that students express beliefs that task solving does not include reflection or much struggle. The results underpin earlier studies stressing expectations as a theme of belief.

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