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UMERC is an interdisciplinary network of researchers, research students and teachers from school and university, who are engaged in research and research education in connection to the UMERC research themes.

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Children’s mathematical achievement and its relation to working memory, test anxiety, self-regulation : A person-centered approach


Meeting the challenges of teaching for all individuals requires a multifaceted approach, especially from the Swedish standpoint of inclusive education for all pupils. In the context of applied standards for receiving special educational provision, the present paper strives to shed light on the scope of novel indicators, which can accommodate pupils’ different needs.  Founded upon 3 hitherto established robust psycho-educational concepts – working memory, test anxiety and self-regulation – all of which are important for educational, social, emotional a...

Mathematical Reasoning: Creative versus Imitative Teaching Methods


Learning mathematics by Creative or Imitaive Reasoning


Learning mathematics through algorithmic and creative reasoning


There are extensive concerns pertaining to the idea that students do not develop sufficient mathematical competence. This problem is at least partially related to the teaching of procedure-based learning. Although better teaching methods are proposed, there are very limited research insights as to why some methods work better than others, and the conditions under which these methods are applied. The present paper evaluates a model based on students’ own creation of knowledge, denoted creative mathematically founded reasoning (CMR), and compare this to a procedure-based model of teaching tha...

Teacher-researcher collaboration as transformation – A case study


This paper details researcher collaboration with Lotta, a mathematics teacher at a Grade 4-6 school. This began with a six month study during which I observed Lotta's classroom teaching at Grade six. My pursuit of narrative perspectives in this study, created room for intersubjectivity and endeared Lotta and me to collaborate thereafter. Lotta's application for project funding from national school authorities, then paved way for researcher intervention in Lotta's teaching, at her now Grade four. Our conceiving teaching-learning in Vygotskian terms allowed for two kinds of interventions. Tal...

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