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UMERC is an interdisciplinary network of researchers, research students and teachers from school and university, who are engaged in research and research education in connection to the UMERC research themes.

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Formative assessment in Swedish mathematics classroom practice


Research shows that substantial learning gains are possible through the use of formative assessment. However, little is known about Swedish mathematics teachers’ use of formative assessment, and thus about the possible value of professional development programmes. This study uses teacher interviews and classroom observations to examine the classroom practice of 38 randomly selected primary and secondary school teachers in a mid-sized Swedish municipality. A framework of formative assessment comprising one big idea and five Key strategies structured the analysis. The study identifies charact...

Quality and Equity in the Era of National Testing : The case of Sweden


The contribution of reasoning to the utilization of feedback from software when solving mathematical problems


This study investigates how students’ reasoning contributes to their utiliza-tion of computer-generated feedback. Sixteen 16-year-old students solved a linearfunction task desi gned to present a chall enge to them using dynamic software,GeoGebra, for assistance. The data were analysed with respect both to character ofreasoning and to the use of feedback generated through activities in GeoGebra. Theresults showed that students who successfully solved the task were engaged in creativereasoning and used feedback extensively.

Utvärdering av Matematiklyftets resultat : slutrapport


Att lära sig resonera : Om elevers möjligheter att lära sig matematiska resonemang


Students only learn what they get the opportunity to learn. This means, for example, that students do not develop their reasoning- and problem solving competence unless teaching especially focuses on developing these competencies. Despite the fact that it has for the last 20 years been pointed out the need for a reform-oriented mathematics education, research still shows that in Sweden, as well as internationally, an over-emphasis are placed on rote learning and procedures, at the cost of promoting conceptual understanding. Mathematical understanding can be separated into procedural and con...

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