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Learning Mathematics by Imitative and Creative Reasoning : Plenary lecture


This paper presents an interdisciplinary research program carried out in collaboration between researchers from mathematics education, psychology and neuroscience. A large body of research has shown that imitative models of mathematics teaching and learning are both common and largely ineffective. The purpose of the program is to explore if and how teaching, including task design, based on students‘ creative task solution reasoning may be more effective. 

De nationella proven som en arena för likvärdighetsfrågor


Learning mathematics by imitative or creative reasoning


Prövningen av en skola för alla : nationella provet i matematik i det tredje skolåret


This thesis presents the contribution to research that my doctoral education led to. My starting point was a large scale qualitative research project (here after called the VR-project) which reviewed the implementation of national tests in the third grade on the subject of mathematics. The VR-project investigated how the test affected the pupils with a special focus on pupils in need of special support. An urge to look further into issues concerning the support, the pupil in need and the test was revealed in he initial VR-project. These issues therefore constitutes the problem area of this ...

Pressure at stake : Swedish third graders' talk about national tests in mathematics


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