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UFM är ett tvärvetenskapligt nätverk av forskare, doktorander samt lärare från skola och högskola som är engagerade i forskning, forskarutbildning och utvecklingsarbeten med anknytning till UFM:s forskningsteman.

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It is only a test :  social aspectsof displaying knowledge in mathematics for second language learners


This article discusses social dimensions connected to assessment in mathematics for second language learners in Sweden. The data consist of two semi-structured interviews with students in the ninth grade of compulsory school. Foucault’s thinking on discourse and positioning was advocated as a frame for analysis. The units for analysis were students’ statements about caring and the other in connection to the display of knowledge in mathematics. Results show that caring of and for others are important resources in managing assessment and believing in the future.

Den flerspråkiga elevens nationella provdeltagande i matematik : diskursiva förutsättningar


Multilingual students’ participation in national tests in mathematics – discursive prerequisites. This article explores discursive prerequisites in test-taking for second language learners with other mother tongues than Swedish. Four students were interviewed in 2016 during their final year of compulsory school. The results imply that multilingual students are positioned as disadvantaged within testing. This phenomenon is mainly situated in a competitive discourse with several subordinated discourses that further position the students: A discourse of justice positioned the students as being...

Linguistic Features in Mathematics PISA Tasks in Different Languages


Linguistic properties of PISA mathematics tasks in different languages


The mathematics PISA tasks are primarily supposed to measure mathematicalability and not reading ability, so it is important to avoid unnecessarydemands of reading ability in the tasks. Many readability formulas are usingboth word length and sentence length as indicators of text difficulty. In thisstudy, we examine differences and similarities between English, German, andSwedish mathematics PISA tasks regarding word length and sentence length.We analyze 146 mathematics PISA tasks from 2000–2013, in English, German,and Swedish. For each task we create measures of mean word and sentencelength...

Argumentation in university textbooks : Comparing biology, chemistry and mathematics


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