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UFM är ett tvärvetenskapligt nätverk av forskare, doktorander samt lärare från skola och högskola som är engagerade i forskning, forskarutbildning och utvecklingsarbeten med anknytning till UFM:s forskningsteman.

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Difficult to read or difficult to solve? : The role of natural language and other semiotic resources in mathematics tasks


When students solve mathematics tasks, the tasks are commonly given as written text, usually consisting of natural language, mathematical notation and different types of images. This is one reason why reading and interpreting such texts are important parts of being mathematically proficient, at least within the school context. The ability utilized when dealing with aspects of mathematical text is denoted in this thesis as a mathematical reading ability; this ability is useful when reading mathematical language, for example, in task text. There is, however, a lack of knowledge of what cha...

Route description in Iwaidja: Grammar and conceptualisation of motion


This study focussed on the effect of grammar of Iwaidja, an indigenousAustralian language, on mathematical conceptualisation. It investigatedroute description in Iwaidja. Spatial concepts such as direction, heightand movement in relation to another object are briefly described usingexamples. Differences between English and Iwaidja are used to illustratethe some of the impact of grammar on mathematical conceptualisation.The implications are discussed in terms of how understanding thesegrammatical features can help teachers, especially when children arenot fluent in the language of instruc...

The study of difficult vocabulary in mathematics tasks : a framework and a literature review


The purpose of this study is to contribute to the methodology of research on difficult vocabulary in mathematics tasks. The contribution consists of a framework for the study of difficult vocabulary in mathematics tasks and a literature review of empirical research in the area. The framework includes five main aspects of word difficulty that have been examined in empirical studies and discuss these in the light of theories on reading comprehension. In addition, methodological issues are presented in relation to each main aspect. The literature review examines both methodological aspects ...

Relations between various semiotic resources in mathematics tasks : a possible source of students’ difficulties


Reading and solving mathematics tasks often involves reading and interpreting different semiotic resources such as natural language, mathematical notation and images. In the current study the purpose is to enhance the knowledge about how meaning relations (cohesive ties) between and within different semiotic resources are related to how difficult mathematics tasks are to read and solve. Statistical analyses are conducted of relations between the presence of different types of cohesive ties in relation to quantitative measures for how difficult the tasks are to read and solve. The results...

The role of semiotic resources when reading and solving mathematics tasks


One part of being proficient in mathematics is to be able to read and solve mathematics tasks where mathematics is represented using different semiotic resources (i.e. natural language, mathematical notation, and different types of images). In the current study, statistical methods are used to investigate the potential meaning that the presence and co-occurrences of semiotic resources have for how demanding a mathematical task is to read and solve. The results reveal that the number of different semiotic resources in a mathematical task is not related to difficulty, but that difficulty i...

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