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UFM är ett tvärvetenskapligt nätverk av forskare, doktorander samt lärare från skola och högskola som är engagerade i forskning, forskarutbildning och utvecklingsarbeten med anknytning till UFM:s forskningsteman.

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A research program for studying the development and impact of formative assessment


A review of the impact of formative assessment on student achievement in mathematics


Assessing mathematical competencies: an analysis of Swedish national mathematics tests


Internationally, education reform has been directed towards describing educational goals that go beyond topic and content descriptions. The idea of mathematical competencies describes such goals. National tests have been seen as one way of communicating these goals and influence teaching. The present study analyses Swedish national tests in mathematics, and seeks evidence about the extent to which they represent these competencies and may play a role in reforming teaching. The results show that the national tests assess all competencies. However, the study also shows a limited focus on the ...

Research as praxis, en route theory/practice teacher-researcher collaboration: a self-study


This paper relates to project related instructional interventions, conducted via teacher-researcher collaboration in a Grade Four mathematics classroom. Drawing upon cultural historical activity theory or CHAT perspectives, such conduct exemplifies research as praxis. While CHAT perspectives argue for a theory/practice approach, enabling practitioners to act on their reflexivity and address contradictions found in ongoing practice; research as praxis views practitioner reflexivity as central to pursuing openly ideological work and practising in empirical inquiry what one preaches in theoret...

Formative assessment in Swedish mathematics classroom practice


Research shows that substantial learning gains are possible through the use of formative assessment. However, little is known about Swedish mathematics teachers’ use of formative assessment, and thus about the possible value of professional development programmes. This study uses teacher interviews and classroom observations to examine the classroom practice of 38 randomly selected primary and secondary school teachers in a mid-sized Swedish municipality. A framework of formative assessment comprising one big idea and five Key strategies structured the analysis. The study identifies charact...

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